Gurmu OccMed Svs.


To be a champion to Employee/Employers: their health, safety & workplaces. Support in their environmental conservation and management of human capital.


To prevent injuries and illness by advocating healthy life style & safety.

To mitigate accidents life altering damages if & when they happen.

To provide an optimal service that is conducive for full recovery.


Reasonable & appropriate level of care for all encounters.


To provide quality occupational medical services with integrity.

Dr. Dabi J. Gurmu, MD, MPH

  • ACPM
Special Skills
  • Lifelong learner: (Self and patient education).
  • Welcomes feedbacks to improve customer service and satisfaction.
  • Team player with endless passion for my job. Happy to serve.
  • Empathic and compassionate.
  • Efficient communicator and able to get along with others.
  • Knowledge of OSHA standards & workers compensation laws.
  • Multilingual/multicultural: I meet you wherever you are and walk with you till discharge.
Licensing & Certification
  • Master of Public Health, M.P.H 06/2008 Loma Linda, CA.
  • Occupational Medicine Residency 9/30/08 Loma Linda, CA.
  • Current California physician/surgeon with DEA License.
  • Current DOT(NRCME) certificate.
  • MRO certified in 2008 and recertified in 12/2017.
  • Certified by American Board of Preventive Medicine 01/2017.
  • QME certificate 2013.
  • Licensed by Medical Board of CA since 10/2007.
  • Vitebsk Medical School, M.D, Belarus 1989
  • Internship in general surgery. USC+LAC MC , LA, CA 6/2004
  • Master of Public health Loma Linda, CA 06/08
  • Occupational Medicine Residency Loma Linda, CA 9/2008
  • Exemplary healthy life style.
  • Educate & empower patients to observe safety standards.
  • Early intervention of injured worker with appropriate care.
  • A focus on disease prevention & patient education.
CEO/Medical Director of Gurmu OccMed svs. Nov 2017-present
  • CEO/Medical Director of Gurmu OccMed svs.
Adventist Health Central Valley Occupational Medicine May 2017 - Nov 2017
  • Medical director and provider for two clinics
  • Supervised NP/PA and associated support staff
Redding Occupational MC, Redding, CA Nov 2016 - Apr 2017
  • 100% occupational medicine clinic.
  • Managed & cared for patients with chronic illness.
  • DOT, Surveillance & Post offer physicals
  • Team player, who gives respect & understanding to patients/staff
Southern CA Immediate Medical Center, Commerce, Lakewood & La Mirada, CA Jun 2014 - Oct 2015
  • Occupational medicine injuries Rx, DOT & other physical exams, including post offer, surveillance, fitness for duty
Alliance Occupational Medicine Jan 2014 - Jun 2014
  • Silicon Valley 100% occupational medicine clinics: All aspects of occupational medicine:
    Surveillance, INS physical, Travel and DOT physicals, all occupational injuries, diagnosis and treatment.
USHW/Foster Farms onsite clinics Medical Director Nov 2011 - Jan 2014
  • Directed and managed 2 clinics with their staff physicians, Physician assistants & support staff.
  • Performed work related primary care & urgent care of patients.
Dameron Hospital Occupational Health Jan 2011 - Oct 2011
  • Specialized in disability management.
  • Encouraged early return to work and continuing physical activity to facilitate healing/recovery.
  • Communicated clearly my expectations and achievable goals to the patient and explored further, if there is delayed recovery.
  • Educated employees the benefit of getting back to work on light duty.
  • Encouraged employers to accommodate them, to facilitate recovery and prevention of disability & disability mindset.
Interim Medical Director UC Davis, CA Jul 2010 - Jan 2011
  • Worked closely with adjusters and WC staff for proper care of patients.
  • Boosted staff moral by listening to their feedbacks on patient care.
  • Followed ACOEM guideline for proper Rx of patients.
  • Provided surveillance/preventive & WC patient care.
  • Transfer of leadership without interruption of patient care.
  • Animal surveillance program, diagnosis, Rx, and reassurance.
Medical Director: Techni-Med Industrial Medicine Vernon, CA Nov 2008 - Feb 2010
  • Timely communication with companies.
  • Updated employee work status or change of status.
  • Team worked & supervised other healthcare providers and support staff.
  • Emphasized the importance of modified duty to employees/employers alike.
  • Repaired lacerations, incised abscesses.
  • Managed low back pain and repetitive strain injuries.
  • Conducted RTW evaluations.
  • Served as MRO to companies advising them on drug tests.
  • Firefighter, Police officer physical exam/annual exams.
  • Surveillance for OSHA regulated exposures of work hazards.
  • Pre-employment & fitness for duty physical exams.
  • Travel medicine.
United Medical Care Center, LA, CA Mar 2010 - Jun 2010
  • Outpatient general practice.
  • General practice treating acute and chronic diseases.
LLU Occupational medicine residency Aug 2006 - Sep 2008
  • Smoking cessation clinic-Counseled & educated Pts.
  • The woman’s health care: pap smear & clinical breast exam.
  • Kaiser Fontana-Performed F/U and RX of pts with LTBI.
  • Pre-employment and DOT physicals.
  • Managed acute work related injuries including chemical and blood born pathogen exposures, repaired lacerations.
  • Health promotion/immunization and LTBI patient Rx.
COMGRI Urgent Care Center (moonlighted during residency) Oct 2007 - Sep 2008
  • Urgent care setting, sport, DOT physical
  • Repair of lacerations,
  • Managed acute and chronic diseases.
West Point Medical Center (moonlighted during residency) Oct 2007 - Sep 2008
  • Urgent care setting, sport, DOT physical, repair of lacerations.
  • Managed acute and chronic diseases.
LAC +USC Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA Jun 2003 - Jun 2004
  • Completed Internship in General Surgery.
  • Performed independent minor surgeries.
  • Assisted in major trauma, emergency and scheduled surgeries
Glendale Career College, Glendale, CA Aug 2004 - May 2006
  • Lecturer of Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Completed internship in general surgery
  • Attended grand rounds in hematology/oncology and surgery
  • Familiarized myself with US standards of care
Worked for Ministry of Health in Ethiopia 1991 - 1997
  • Medical director of health center, staff physician of Nekemte Hospital, regional vice medical director
Integrity & Quality OccMed Services.